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À Istanbul Hair Institute, nous sommes fiers de nos résultats issus d’une discipline et d’un travail d’équipe sérieux. Nous avons l’un des médecins hautement qualifiés de notre équipe de greffe de cheveux FUE.

About Us

Équipe d’exploitation

Le médecin et l’équipe de greffe de cheveux ont deux qualités clés; Qualifications médicales et vision esthétique, qui sont les caractéristiques les plus importantes pour une équipe médicale.

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Numbers Don't LieWhat Makes Us Special?

Instanbul Hair Institute’s mission is to work with the best talents and experienced specialists along with using the latest advanced technologies for undertaking various types of treatments and medical services on hair and cosmetics.

Our highly qualified and experienced team takes care of patients with the highest professionalism to gain the best possible and possible result.

1850Happy Patients
3000Succesful Operations
35Years of Experience
5Stars Comfort

Technique de la section d’or

La méthode du ratio d’or est une méthode qu’un médecin ayant une vision esthétique devrait connaître et appliquer pour une greffe de cheveux. Pourquoi? Parce que le visage humain comprend le nombre d’or.

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Prix de greffe de cheveux

Malgré le fait que de nombreux facteurs affectent la greffe de cheveux, nous produisons des patchs pour vous, il n’y aura donc pas de dépenses imprévues par la suite.

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    Main Reasons Why You Should Choose The Istanbul Hair Institute


    Established Expertise

    Our head doctor, Dr. Handan Yavuz, is one of the most qualified hair specialists in Turkey. She works already for many years using the FUE technique, a revolutionary method deriving from Europe. The rest of our team consists of certified staff with many years of experience offering you the best treatment thinkable.



    The most significant feature of a hair transplant is the planning of the slits where the grafts are placed in. The position of these slits determines the direction of hair growth. Dr. Handan Yavuz and her team are masters in giving your transplanted hair a totally natural look!


    Outstanding Service

    Which results can you expect? Do’s and don’ts after your hair transplant? These and all other questions will be answered. We are available before and after your treatment.


    Worry-Free Payment

    We work according to standard commercial rules, so no prepayments or down payments. You will pay for your treatment after your consultation with Dr. Handan Yavuz. This means you don’t have to worry that you will not receive the treatment you want and already pay a large amount upfront.


    Quality You Can Trust

    We provide a full warranty promising that your transplanted hairs will not fall out again. Our services are performed in one of the most prestigious hospitals in Turkey, with luxurious and comfortable accommodations, a high threshold of sanitation, painless treatments.


    Transparency and Reliability

    We provide transparent services with real, happy customers. Photos of patients are only placed on our website with their consent.

    All information on this site has been written to inform the user. It does not have any commercial purpose and does not replace doctor's advice.
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